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  1. How long will a pair last?
    Clique Lashes are reusable and can be used multiple times as long as they are properly cared for (removed carefully, stored properly, cleansed etc), suggested use can vary from 10-30 uses, We recommend purchasing two pairs in case you lose one. Our affordable pricing allows you to buy with ease!
  2. Which style is most popular? Will they fit my eye structure?
    We love all people, shapes and sizes so we come prepared with 9 different styles. The biggest difference between us and our competitors is the choice of styles, not everyone is the same, and not every occasion requires the same look, so glam up or go natural, we got you! Clique Lashes gives you that flexibility and affordability of choosing the right style for you! The most popular styles are #3, #4, #6, #7, and #12.
  3. How should I care for my Clique Lashes? Can I wear makeup?
    Cleaning the eyes and/or any products on or around your eye is a necessity! We recommend our Bathe-a-Lash cleanser, it's gentle and less than $10. You need to clean your Clique Lashes with TLC, over aggression can cause breakage to the product. We also sell mascara, eyeliner and other products that are safe to use with any lash extensions.
  4. Are magnets safe around the eye?
    Rather than sugar coating, lets get real, this is a product for beauty and women will go to great lengths to look gooooood, so our disclosures are...you shouldn't use lash extensions if you have any pre-existing health conditions, if you are worried, please consult your physician. We can tell you this, look up magnetic eye masks, magnet therapy for eyes, and magnetic therapy, this will shed some positive light on your decision.
  5. Do you use human hair or fur?
    We love all furry creatures and most humans, just kidding, we love you all! Clique Lashes are cruelty free and made with synthetic fibers.
  6. How do I apply and/or remove Clique Lashes?
    For application, the videos of course make it look easy, they take practice, see the pictures below. It's best to look at these steps on a desktop and not a mobile phone. For removal: Take your index finger & thumb and gently slide the two magnets away from each other. Try to avoid pulling the lashes straight off, as this may alter the shape and tug at your natural lashes.
  7. Why does it seem like most of the styles only go on my outer lash line?
    Clique Lashes is unique because of the quality of the magnet and fibers, they don't have a cheap soft magnet which tends to be flimsy. Yes, most of the styles are for the outer lashes and then our mascara is used on the inner lashes. Some clients wear the magnetic lashes on top of lash extensions to fill a gap (you must remove them very carefully). We also offer inner lash extension fills, so you won't have to ever wear mascara!
  8. What if I'm not happy with the product(s)?
    We stand by our products! Like every purchase there is a risk that you might not like it, due to the product being used on the eyes and for sanitation reasons we don't ever reuse a returned good, in short, we have a non-refundable product policy to protect consumers and to save any confusion on how many days you have etc. Distributors might have their own policies, its to their discretion. We know you will love our products and we thank you for understanding!
  1. Step #2 (bigger)
    Step #2 (bigger)
    To further clarify :) the second Clique Lash needs to connect with the Clique Lash you had placed on the top of your lash line in Step #1, try to make it as even as possible.
  2. Step #1
    Step #1
    Place the Clique Lash on top of your lash line.
  3. Step #2
    Step #2
    The second Clique Lash, goes UNDER the top lash line, you need to line it up with the upper magnet.
  4. Step #3
    Step #3
    Gently push the second Clique Lash up towards the magnet, let it go and "clique." IF you need to redo it, gently slide the two magnets away from each other and re-apply, practice makes perfect! You can do it!